For you, with you.

There are many training institute, but none quite like HUB I.T TRAINING. We’ve been around for over 5 years in this industry but you wouldn’t guess it from the energy in the place. Along the way, we always strive for and always work for the betterment and bright future of our students. We prepare them tough enough for every challenge which may come in their life.



We want to invest our time and expertise in our students
and want to see them succeed in life.

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Industry Experience

We have earned quite a big name in the international market by selling our products and services and we strive to provide the same guidance to our all students. You will get to know how to use your full potential to earn from the International Market by designing websites while learning.

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Live Project Support

After your course completion at IMI Academy, your project is the first real step into the Web Design Field. We encourage the development of a project and provide support throughout the process. We let you work on a live project at our Academy to make you confident about your future prospects.

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Interview Support

Once you complete your course at IMI Academy and decide to do a job in the web design field then we won't just let you go with certificate in hand rather we will guide you how to crack your interviews in the corporate world. Our personality development sessions done with the courses will help you here.

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Internship Opportunities

Interested in gaining some practical knowledge about the web design and development? Come join us for your internship after your degree in Information Technology like BCA, MCA, B.Tech etc. We run exclusive classes as part of IMI Academy's Internship Program. Come join us!

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Completion Certificate

Like it said, you need to earn knowledge about anything you learn. This same phrase applies when you join us as a student of web design at IMI Academy. You will go through every good thing from learning to earning and will receive your very own Certificate of Completion. Good Luck!

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Career Guidance

At IMI Academy we focus on producing fine tuned students in web design field but once the course is complete it's all your choice which way you to go in future whether you want to do a job or want to work as a freelancer or want to start your own company. You will find us standing behind your choice.


To summarize the key reasons to join HUBIT here are the 10 benefits of Job-oriented IT training in Nepal that pave the "highway" for the trainees to reach the career destination the way HUBIT does:

  • Learning and Earning
  • Getting enhanced competitiveness of IT professionals
  • Learning smart work rather than hard work
  • Regular feedback and improvement inputs
  • Learning Courses designed as per the job market needs
  • Understanding that you don’t need to be a “techie” to learn software skills
  • Learning only what is important
  • Networking with the industry professionals and experts
  • Becoming the “most wanted talent” IT companies seek
  • Enhancing your soft skills polishing yourself to be ready to work.


TAt Broadway Infosys, we work understanding the very concept of “training”,i.e bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction.

  • We first ensure and then access.
  • We thrive to identify proper training needs of trainees.
  • We carry out continuous resources assessment, competences' assessment and IT market analysis.
  • We implement practical project based learning approach by continuously updating training courses.
  • We believe in providing supportive teaching- learning materials/resources.
  • We practice effective communication between faculty, students and management
  • We believe in maintaining cooperative learning environment with discipline and Broadway corporate values.
  • We carry out continuous training evaluation at regular intervals and pay sincere attention to the feedback, both positive and negative.
  • We insist in continuous interactivity throughout training sessions.
  • We focus on trainees’ overall performance adopting vocational training approach
  • We are committed to prepare trainees in technical as well as personality and behavioral dimensions
  • We specially focus on the overall performance

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